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The city's bare skin


installation view at Künstlerhaus Schloss Balmoral, Bad Ems, Germany
© Rayeon Kim All rights reserved.

"The air that surrounds us, the nature and life of a city. They are all things around us that are too close for us to miss.

The moment the city which surface is covered by concrete building collapse, the city's bare skin starts is appears."

"In Seoul, a lot is happening in urban redevelopment. Construction of concrete buildings can be demolished is often seen if the ground is exposed due to its holding under. When I look into the land of the city, such as the skin feels strange. Like folds of skin occur in accordance with the movement of the muscles. Repeat the folds of the surface to be built the skin coming down. I was represented by a touch of rough brush. As people come from soil, when coloring along the surface of the city. The skin of the earth and the people seem to resemble each other."


2016. 8. 8



Organized by LEHN.STEIN
© LEHN.STEIN and the Artist. All rights reserved.

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